Powering Traceability.

Our API-ready RFID Readers, Barcode Scanners and Weighing Scales help you implement traceability in days, not months!


Automated ID

Use our API-ready RFID Readers & Barcode Scanners to implement ID and tracking systems in a matter of days.

Weighing Scales

Our digital, API-ready weighing scales offer best-in-class accuracy with world-beating battery life and ease of integration.

Open Source

All our core firmware libraries, mobile app plugins and a number of our hardware designs are in the open domain. Our firmware and software blocks are MIT licensed and hardware designs are OSHWA certified.

Custom Traceability

If you are developing a high value IoT enabled product for traceability, our team can help you deliver secure, scalable solutions across hardware, firmware, cloud and data visualisation.

Latest from the Blog

Using SPIFFS to Simplify AWS IoT Integration For ESP32

Using SPIFFS to Simplify AWS IoT Integration For ESP32

Manually preparing devices to connect to AWS IoT Core can be cumbersome, especially in large numbers. We present a script to help you prepare devices fast and reliably while storing certificates in the SPIFFS partition.