Leverage the same robust and secure building blocks we use in our solutions to build your products. We have open source firmware blocks for all listed hardware modules.

Hardware #

Building Block Use Cases
Energy Harvesting Battery-less products powered using a current transformer.
A9 Single Chip GPRS Controller Low-cost 2G based remote monitoring and control.
ESP32 Single Chip WiFi/BLE Controller Low-cost WiFi/BLE based remote monitoring and control.
Low Power BLE/WiFi Weighment Controller Intelligent weighment integrations with support for multiple load cells and 1y+ battery life.
WiFi/BLE RFID Reader Intelligent RFID integrations with support for indoor location tracking.
Flexible Resistive Elements Efficient embedded heating of polymer products.
Custom Antennas Miniature RFID tags, focused RFID readers.

Software #

Building Block Use Cases
Bodh Integrated interface for IoT device management, OTA, dashboards & analytics. Supports AWS IoT and SAP IoT.
Distributed Linux Control System Fully managed Elixir/Erlang powered solution for Single Board Computers and workstations with Git-based deployment, remote monitoring and distributed operation.
Deployment Tracking Mobile app + backend for tracking deployments via QR codes & geolocation.
Smart Home Voice Kit Alexa and Google Home Voice app for smart home devices. Includes skill, authentication + account linking, deployment and monitoring.

License Terms #

  • Software is typically offered for white-labeling under a perpetual license for a one-time fee.
  • Hardware designs can be procured either under perpetual license, OEM or royalty subject to the scope and nature of the collaboration.